About Us

Story of "Wetwood"

 Story behind Wetwood Surf Company goes back 15 years ago when a few of my friends and I went on a surfing expedition to Jalama Beach in Santa Barbara County, California. We took all the essentials with us; food, clothing, camping equipment, and our boards except one crucial component....WOOD....for the evening bonfire. Well, we all split up scouring the area and found a bunch of abandoned wood left behind by other campers and driftwood from the beach. After getting the fire going we ended up tossing some of this driftwood on the bonfire but after a few minutes we noticed that the wood was smoking, sizzling, and smelling a little funny. My friends and I then realized that we had put a bunch of "Wetwood" on the fire, however, even with the sour smell and smoke, we were not dettered from throwing even more on the bonfire.  As the night crept on and the stories of the surf that day kept dancing around in our heads we hoped and prayed to the fire Gods that the next day would bring even more great surf.......The surfing continues to this day with family, friends and everyone else out there surfing along side us, living the surf lifestyle......Generations of Fun.....So, we have decided now would be a great time to share our love for surfing and encourage the next generation of surfers to get out and go create your own surf memories.....Wetwood Style  


Born and raised on the Central Coast, we want to support local youth and outdoor recreational sports as well as create an affordable, comfortable, durable brand of clothing. 

Rohme Williams and Laurie Hale